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Smart functions to simplify and optimize your call flow

web based interface

Web Interface & IP Phones 

Our web RTC interface gives agents complete control over their activity such as login, transfer, change status and more.

virtual agents

Virtual Call Center

Hire agents and monitor your
activity from anywhere in the world
with our web-based interface

user friendly interface

User Friendly Interface 

We keep interfacing as easy to understand as possible, guiding users to get the needed information and function at all time.

voicemail feature


Assign audio files easily in your
scenarios to greet customers,
give information or receive messages

call forwarding

Call Forwarding

ZIWO gives you flexibility by setting rules to route calls to mobile phones and voicemails while your agents are on the road.

call recordings

Call Recording 

Monitor your call center call
quality, assess customer claims
and train your agents efficiently.

live notifications

On Screen Notifications

api based integration

ZIWO Connects To Your CRM

Integrate Ziwo to your CRM
to simplify your agents workflow
and gather accurate statistics

Get in control of your activity and tailor our tools to make the right decision in real time

seamless integration

Blended Call Center 

Does your team place and receive calls? Ziwo gives you the best of both worlds and agents handle inbound calls while working on outbound campaigns.

real time data

Real Time Management

Change any setting on the fly, create agents
or positions, assign queues or number and more…


SSL certificate 

Improved security with
industry standards
data encryption between
users and ZIWO servers.

marketing material

Material Design 

All our products are following the guidelines of Material Design to ensure maximal compatibility and comfortable interface over all your connected devices.

customized live dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

Create your own statistics widgets
and organize them in dedicated
dashboards to keep a clear view
of your KPIs.

data analytics

In-depth Statistics 

ZIWO provides dozens of
statistics, create your charts
and tables and export your
data in CSV.