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API Based
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Manage calls

  • Click to Call / WebRTC
  • Call Tracking / ACD
  • Call Recording
  • IVR/ Interactive Voice Response
  • Management of call waiting lines
  • Voice Messaging
  • Customizable SLA
  • Unlimited callers on hold
  • Outgoing Campaign
  • Call Routing
  • Urgent Message


  • Competency-based Routing
  • Blind or Attended Transfer
  • Roaming Calls
  • WebConf Coach
  • Screen Notifications
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Material Design
  • Call & WhatsApp Notifications

Business benefits

  • Premium Numbers Offered
  • Choice of Phone Number
  • Smart Routing
  • Call Masking
  • Discrete Listening
  • Whisper Function
  • Call Tracking
  • Automatic Dialer
  • Web Call Back
  • Quick Pay

Dashboard / Management

  • Virtual Call Center
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real-time Management
  • Summary
  • Web Interface and IP Phones
  • In-depth Statistics

Integrations and API

  • Docu API
  • Hybrid Call Center
  • SSL Certificate

Customer Support

  • Video Tutorial
  • Technical Assistance
  • Case Studies
  • Concierge Services
  • Postman

New Features

  • WhatsApp Conversations
  • Web Call Back
  • IoT Buttons
  • Agent iOS Mobile App
  • End of Call Survey
  • Roaming Agents
  • Click2TTS
  • Click2Audio
  • ZIWO Release Notes
  • ZIWO Support

Features (coming soon)

  • Sending SMS & Whatsapp
  • Emotion Tracker
  • Selfcare
  • Call Evaluation
  • WhatsApp Canned Responses
  • Agent-Queue Grouping
  • Abandoned Call Back (ACB)

Here are the features in more detail:

Manage callsClick to Call / WebRTCCall your clients in a single click
Call Tracking / ACDCreate scenarios via intelligent routing
Call RecordingMonitor the quality of calls, assess customer requests and train your agents
IVR/ Interactive Voice ResponseCreate and assign IVR systems to your call flow and manage them on the fly
of call waiting lines
Organize your call flow by creating dedicated queues
Voice MessagingEasily assign audio files to your various mailboxes
Customizable SLAMake better decisions by defining your own SLA rules and metrics
Unlimited callers on holdUnlimited incoming calls to be redirected according to the desired organization
Outgoing CampaignCreate them directly from your CRM or in standalone mode
Call RoutingCreate scenarios using multiple input parameters
Urgent MessageRecord your own voice message and apply it to a specific number or queue and let your customers be aware of any emergency you may have
CollaborateCompetency-based RoutingDefine agent skills to automate queue allocation
Blind or Attended TransferView where to transfer calls with a single click, or transfer directly
Roaming CallsForwarding incoming calls to an external number (Mobile or landline)
WebConf CoachIn an ongoing call, with an Admin profile, enter the conversation
Screen NotificationsReceive a notification if a specific event triggers our events engine
User-friendly InterfaceEasy to use, access to necessary information and functions at any time
Material DesignMaximum compatibility and a comfortable interface on all your connected devices
Call & WhatsApp NotificationsAutomatic display of caller information during an incoming call or Incoming WhatsApp conversation
Business benefitsPremium Numbers Offered5 geographic numbers, France included. Premium and geo number for all country codes
Choice of Phone NumberChoice of virtual number, international, geographic, green, chargeable, etc.
Smart RoutingAssign a number or range of numbers or even a numbers per country to specific audio file or IVR
Call MaskingWhen contacting a customer and a third party, hide the telephone numbers
Discrete ListeningIn an active call, listen to all conversations
Whisper FunctionIn an active call, speak only to the agent
Call TrackingMeasure call statistics transparently for caller and called party
Automatic DialerCreate campaigns and automatically call your clients
Web Call BackA configurable button on your website allows you to request for a web call back feature
Quick PayPay Invoices instantly
Dashboard / ManagementVirtual Call CenterHire agents and keep an eye on your business from all over the world thanks to our web interface
Customizable DashboardsCustomize widgets and organize them according to your needs
Real-time ManagementChange any parameter on the fly: agents, positions, queues, number, etc.
SummaryFull call log and caller history
Web Interface and IP PhonesComplete control of the activity, ie the status of connection, transfer, modification, etc.
In-depth StatisticsCreate your statistics, graphs and tables and export your data in CSV format
Integrations and APICRM APIFull API. Integrate ZIWO with your CRM to simplify the workflow
Docu APIFull API. Complex integrations designed to be easy to use
Hybrid Call CenterDoes your team make and receive calls? ZIWO offers you the best of both
ZIWO CDBOptimize your data flow and unify it with our CDB system
SSL CertificateData encryption between users and ZIWO servers, in accordance with industry standards
Web Call BackA configurable button on your website allows you to request for a web call back feature
ZIWO SDKOur SDK ( ) is built to provide an easy way to integrate Ziwo calls to your iOS app
Customer SupportVideo TutorialWatch how to develop innovative services
Technical AssistanceFull assistance for our full range of services
Case StudiesBe inspired by our case studies
Concierge ServicesListening to your requests to offer the best experience with our Contact Center
PostmanZIWO is fully API-based software. Open library of all APIs
New FeaturesWhatsApp Conversations
Calls and Messages all in one single ZIWO interface
Web Call BackA configurable button on your website allows you to request for a web call back feature
IoT ButtonsIntegrate unique IoT technology physical device, into your customers' experience journey for new & improved SLA
Agent iOS Mobile AppMobile application for agents, directly on their smartphone
End of Call SurveyCustomize your own surveys and measure your customer satisfaction (NPS)
Roaming AgentsAgents working remotely can receive and make calls to customers directly from their mobile phones
Click2TTSSubmit a text message, get it converted to audio using TTS service in your desired language, and play it to the customer phone
Click2AudioUpload an audio file and play it to the customer phone
ZIWO Updates (Release Notes)Be notified automatically within ZIWO about our new features, relesase notes, fixes and more
ZIWO SupportFrom your admin portal, you can easily browse our knowledge base and send tickets to our support team
Features (coming soon)Sending SMS & WhatsappSend SMS confirmations, codes, invitations, information, reminders, etc.
Emotion TrackerGet Summary of Client’s Emotions and build a better user experience to your clients
SelfcareAgent client revamped for better Experience
Call EvaluationBuild your own quality score cards and start evaluating your agents and assess your training needs accordingly
WhatsApp Canned ResponsesAdd suggested response to WhatsApp conversations
Agent-Queue GroupingOrganize agents and queues better. Bulk assign queues to agents and vice versa
Abandoned Call Back (ACB)Call back customers who hang up after a predefined period in a queue
ZIWO CRMCustomer profile, customer activity history, Click2Call, Call Cards, IoT device integration

Questions about pricing?

Can I try ZIWO for free?
Yes, you can! Your first 14 days free trial is on us. Sign up for a new ZIWO instance to get started.
Each trial instance comes fully loaded with all ZIWO superpowers and a test phone number for inbound calls.
Trial instances are meant for testing only. Unlike the production instances, they are not monitored and not back-up.
Would you want to test the outbound calls facility, you’ll have to purchase some outbound credits.

Can you provide telephone numbers (DID) anywhere?
We can supply telephone numbers in more than 200 countries, including North and South America, Europe, The Middle-East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.
We provide all type of numbers: geo, toll-free or premium numbers.
Telecom regulations may vary from a country to another and the customers have to comply with it at any point in time.
ZIWO includes an antifraud/antiscam monitoring and reserves the right to suspend any account.

Can I downgrade my subscription plan?
Yes, you can. Decreasing the number of agent subscriptions can be done anytime with effect at the end of the same month. To keep an instance alive, there must be at least 1 paid agent with a minimum of activity.


Why do I need to purchase outbound credits?
Outbound credits are primarily used to pay for the outbound calls and messages that are sent via ZIWO platform. We do use only top tier telecom providers that ensure high-quality voice and full traceability on messages delivery.


Is there a validity date for the outbound credits?
No. In case you want to stop your contract with ZIWO, you’ll get a full refund of the remaining credits.


What payment options do you accept?
At present we do accept payments by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), PayPal, or bank transfer.

How is the billing cycle?

Agent subscriptions are billed at the beginning of each quarter. An increase of subscriptions can happen any time and will be billed pro-rata till the end of the month.

A decrease in subscriptions can be done anytime with effect at the end of the same month.

Outbound credits can be purchased at any point in time. All bills are payable at sight.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my ZIWO purchase?

If you’re not satisfied with any of our product or service, you may stop the contract at any time. Outbound credits will be refunded, your instance with the database and any existing backup will be deleted.

Still, have more questions?
Please contact us and we will happy to answer all your queries.