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Smart functions to simplify and optimize your call flow

call center concierge

Concierge Services 

Our consultants and support teams are here to answer your requests and give you the best contact center experience

call routing

Call Routing

Create scenarios using
multiple input parameters,
route calls to queue, cascade calls,
reroute to voicemail or IVR

call queing

Call Queuing 

Organize your call flow
by creating dedicated queues
depending on service,
language and more…

user friendly interface

User Friendly Interface

We keep interface
as easy to understand as possible, guiding
users to get the needed information
and function at all time.

skilled agents

Skilled-based Routing

Define agent skills to automate
queue assignation depending on
queue occupation, calendar,
agent availability…

web based interface

Web Interface & IP Phones 

Our web RTC interface gives agents
complete control over their activity,
but login, transfer, status can also
be edited by dialing keys on an IP Phone.


Interactive Voice Response 

Create and assign
IVR systems to your call
flow and manage
them on the fly.

call center database


Optimize your data flow and
unify all your database with our
CDB system to provide complete
and accurate data on all your systems.

tolll free

Toll Free/Premium Numbers 

Aswat provides geographical
and premium numbers
for any country code at competitive rates.

call masking

Customer Privacy

Does your service require to put in contact a customer and
a third party? Ziwo helps you by hiding customer
and third party call numbers.

Get in control of your activity and tailor our tools to make the right decision in real time

api based call center

Advanced API 

Powerful API functions
offer limitless integration
possibilities even on
proprietary systems

real time data

Real Time Management

Change any setting
on the fly, create agents
or positions,
assign queues or number and more…

live notifications

On Screen Notifications 

Supervisors and WebRTC users
receive direct notification when
missing a call or any specific event
triggers our event engine.

data analytics

In-depth Statistics 

Ziwo provides dozens of
statistics, create your charts
and tables and export your data in CSV.

virtual call center

Virtual Machine Hosting

Every Ziwo instance is hosted on
a virtual machine to improve security,
reliability and system response time

virtual agents

Virtual Call Center 

Hire agents and monitor your activity from anywhere in the world with our web based interface

customized live dashboard

Customizable Dashboards 

Create your own statistics widgets and organize them in dedicated dashboards to keep a clear view of your KPIs.