For Customer Support

Provide superior customer care


Reach customer enchantment by delivering smooth and solution oriented services.

virtual agents

Virtual Call Center

Hire agents and monitor your activity
from anywhere in the world
with our web based interface

call queing

Call Queuing

Organize your call flow by
creating dedicated queues depending
on service, language and more…

call routing

Call Routing 

Create scenarios using multiple input parameters, route calls to queue, cascade calls, reroute to voicemail or IVR

tolll free

Toll Free/Premium Numbers 

Aswat provides geographical
and premium numbers for any country
code at competitive rates.

voicemail feature


Assign audio files easily in your
scenarios to greet customers,
give information or receive messages


Interactive Voice Response 

Create and assign IVR systems
to your call flow and manage
them on the fly.

call recordings

Call Recording 

Monitor your call center call
quality, assess customer claims
and train your agents efficiently.

live dashboard

VIP List/Blacklist

Assign a dedicated scenario to a
single or list of phone numbers,filter
calls and apply the required action.

Simple and elegant interface for a great agent performance.

web based interface

Web Interface/IP Phones 

Our webRTC interface gives agents
complete control over their activity.
Login, transfer, status can be modified
online or by dialing keys on an IP Phone.

skilled agents

Skill-based Routing

Define agent skills
to automate queue assignation
depending on queue occupation,
calendar, agent availability…

api based integration


Integrate Ziwo to your CRM
to simplify
your agents workflow and gather
accurate statistics

Accessible and relevant KPIs to maximize your efficiency

customized live dashboard

Customizable Dashboards 

Create your own statistics widgets
and organize them in dedicated
dashboards to keep a clear view
of your KPIs.

data analytics

In-depth Statistics

Ziwo provides
dozens of statistics,
create your charts and tables and
export your data in CSV.

real time data

Real Time Management 

Change any setting on
the fly, create agents or
positions, assign queues
or number and more…

live notifications

On Screen Notifications 

Supervisors and WebRTC users
receive direct notification when
missing a call or any specific event
triggers our event engine.

contact center features

Opening Time and Calendar

Assign open days and hours
for every team/queue and
Ziwo will adjust your
call routing accordingly